Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Engagement Announcement

I almost forgot to put up the best picture yet! This is the engagement announcement that ran in the Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper (in Michigan) a few weeks ago. Pretty exciting. :-)
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Pictures

Just a few more pictures just because they're fun.

Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches, Oh My!

Fall is once again upon is. For Chris and I, that means we must absolutely participate in every festive or outdoorsy activity we can find. We are autumn-aholics and we are addicted to this season. So, for starters, Chris and I went apple picking and picked out pumpkins a couple weeks ago. The apples are delicious and we got to ride a wagon out to the orchard.

We picked out some good pumpkins at a different farm.

But then we ended up going on possibly the world's worst haunted hayride. I think the family that owned the farm just threw all their old junk out in the woods behind their house, and then charged admission to ride around and look at it. Pretty terrible. Here's a picture of "shoe world."

Luckily for them, the wonderfulness that is autumn distracted Chris and I, so we politely rode along and enjoyed the crisp air and the pretty fall colors and planned out how we wanted our pumpkins carved. Is anyone else ridiculously happy it's fall?

Isaac's Birthday BBQ

A couple weeks ago, Chris and I went to Isaac's birthday bbq and attended the Cornell homecoming game with Dietl. Unfortunately, Cornell lost but it was still just nice to go to a game.

Isaac smoked a huge piece of meat overnight. It was delicious and just absolutely fell apart on your plate. Sooo good.
I also loved playing with Kate and Isaac's kitty, Pazuzu. She's unbelievably sweet and cute.
We also had a fun little jam session with Isaac on the drums and Dietl on guitar. It was really fun. Here's a couple videos from the night.

The View From My Office

Virtucom moved my team up to the 10th floor. We've got a great view of the city.

In this one, you can actually see Onondaga lake and the Carousel mall (it's the white building at the top right).

I'm Alive .. and Also Undead ...

Wow, I didn't realize it's been so long since I last posted. I swear I'm alive and well. I've got some good pictures to share, though. I'll start with undead part, since I'm guessing that's got you scratching your head.

I recently went on a zombie crawl with my friend Kristen and her friend Derek. So much fun. We got our makeup done and drank yummy beer and just hung out. Good stuff.

Pretty sick right? What is it about zombies that's just so fun and social? Is that why zombies are always chasing people? They just want to hang out and have a few beers? haha