Monday, March 21, 2011

My 25th Birthday and Guest Room Reveal

While not a birthday pic, these two are just too adorable not to post a picture of them. 
Shadow and Zoro, hugging it out.

The first of my birthday cakes this year was made by my incredibly sweet fiance. That's right. First.

Funfetti. Yum!

My second birthday cake for my 25th birthday was compliments of Dave and Lisa, who came out this past weekend to celebrate with me and Chris. :-)

Have you ever seen anything so pretty?

As for what I've been up to around the house, the guest room is officially "done." I may end up hanging this sign, but still, I'm putting this room in the finished pile. We removed the nasty wallpaper, primed and painted the walls, painted the trim, moved furniture around, hung up artwork and attached these awesome floating bookshelves that seem to defy the laws of physics. What more could you want in a guest room?

The bed looks so cute with the pretty comforter and the awesome headboard and bench. My mom and I made the headboard with a section of old fence we found in the backyard. All we really had to do was clean it up and use some heavy-duty screws to attach it to the studs in the wall.

And, thanks to my future father-in-law and Chris, we now have a light on the wall instead of a hole and a shiny gold light fixture held up by some wires. haha They even drilled into the light and installed a switch on it because it wasn't hardwired in. So now our guests can walk in the room and flip a light on without tripping over beds and benches trying to find a light. Yay!

So yes, the curtains are not great in here. And it would be nice to find a rug that worked better in the space. Maybe create a spot for guests to get ready and store their clothes and toiletries ... But whatever. We've put in a lot of work, so we're calling it done and we don't care if you think we're liars. haha