Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving pumpkins

Chris and I carved pumpkins this weekend. Here they are. :-)
I couldn't get a super clear picture, but I picked out a warty pumkin to go with the witch theme. Also, that's supposed to be Oreo riding on the front of the witch's broom stick. lol
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New chair

I finally got that really cute chair at Target that I've been eyeing since July. lol My mom called me yesterday to announce that it was now on sale, so I jumped on the deal. Right after I deposited my paycheck in the bank, I headed off to buy the chair. It looks so great in our living room and matches the decor really well. It has that same Italian villa feel that I've sort of been going for.

Amazingly, the chair fit in a very compact box that slid right into the backseat of my car. Assembly required, of course, but I'm continually amazed at how much Target can compress and pull apart and strategically pack their furniture.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Farms

On Sunday, Chris and I headed out to some orchards to pick pumpkins and apples. The first place we visited, The Goleb's "Our Farm" had this crazy trebuchet that launched pumpkins in the air. Check out the video below.

This place was nice because it was pretty small and we had to take a hay ride way back in the woods to get to the pumpkin patch. There was also a fun corn maze that had clues we didn't totally understand. lol

Next, we headed over to the much larger and more commercial, Critz Farm. They were a bit more expensive, and there was also about a million people there. lol That's a bit of an exaggeration, but we did have to wait in line quite a while for everything.
There were lots of cute rides and entertainment for little kids.

Goat. haha

Baby chick.

Some sort of baby goat.

Dancing piggy.

SU Football Game

Last weekend Chris and I went to see the SU football game in the Carrier Dome. I really liked getting to watch the game without worrying about the cold or bad weather or too much sun. So the Dome gets a big thumbs up. The football team, however ... not so good. The were behind by like 27 points for almost the whole game. Bleh

Oh well. They had excellent pretzels with nacho cheese, so that helped to make up for it too. lol
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Excitement

Maybe it was the thrill of depositing my first paycheck from Brueggers into the bank, or maybe it was just the excitement of Halloween approaching. But I went a little overboard yesterday at Target while shopping for decorations.
I found these cute ghost lights to hang in our big picture window. I had a skeleton hanging in the window, but couldn't get it to stay up, so now it's hanging from out front door.

Oreo took a particular liking to this purple, black and orange feather wreath I bought. I like the scary gothic look of it, Oreo just likes swatting at the feathers and sticking them up his nose. No joke. lol

Sadly for Oreo, I did end up hanging the wreath up on the wall.
This light up plastic pumpkin is actually the same style as the one Chris turned into his headless horseman mask a couple years ago for Halloween. I totally forgot about that until I showed it to Chris. haha
I hung the black garland with orange spiders that we bought last year from the stairwell banister. But best of all, I found this awesome holographic picture frame. It switches from an old portrait of a man to this scary skeleton guy. The eyes light up and it plays this creepy voice that whispers "help meeeeeee!" hahaha Too cool, right? Man oh man, I love Halloween!