Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture Extravaganza 6

It was rainy ... still ... when we got to the shore. Happily, Thursday and Friday were both sunny and in the 80s.

In Seaside Heights at the beach in New Jersey.

Barnacle Bill's mini golf was a fun activity for the chilly weather.

We also enjoyed dining out at a nice restaurant.
14 oz. South African lobster tail. Delicious!

Picture Extravaganza 5

Chris and I went to Six Flags on Monday. It rained. A lot. But we didn't let our waterlogged shoes and dripping clothes get us down. We're resilient like that.

Six Flags has some pretty neat animal shows. They have the animals exercise and play in front of the audience like they would in the wild, but the also talk about how conservation and preservation.

Here's what we looked like most of the day ... totally soaked.

What a trooper.
 And for your viewing pleasure, here's some of the animal shows we saw. Think I could get a tiger as a pet? I'm thinking there might be some laws about that ...

Picture Extravaganza 4

Here's the pictures of the safari we drove through at Six Flags. We always have to ride the bus through because you're not allowed to bring convertibles into the areas where animals are. Apparently if a monkey sees that soft top, he goes ape over trying to pull the strings apart.

But the bus was fun and the driver even got a giraffe to get come over for some up close and personal pictures. There were lots of neat animals from North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

And a cute video of kangaroos hopping around.

Picture Extravaganza 3

This post features two of my favorite things: kitties and flowers in my garden.

Picture Extravaganza 2

Here's a few pictures from the day after the party.

Dave and Deidre getting ice cream with us at Big Dip.
And of course the incredibly cute Jackson Dolen.

Mommy, Daddy and baby.