Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bathroom, Nearing Completion

Here are some pictures of the bathroom since I got it to "good enough" for the party. It's still in need of molding around the floor and ceiling, and the existing trim needs to be repainted. And we need to caulk a bunch of stuff. But it's getting close.

Below you can see the problem area that I eventually gave up on and begged Chris to sand down for me. See just behind the towel bar how it's got some weird lines and looks rough? Yeah, I think too much spackle got under the drywall netting at the seam. So when I tried to smooth it out, it was really bumped out. And then we sanded it down and it looks like this. I pretty much gave up hope. lol It's still not great, but for the moment, I just don't care. At some point, I should go back over it with more spackle to build it up, sand it down, build it up, etc.

Here you can see our new toilet paper holders, the new sink and our beautiful new faucet. Just ignore the cap between the wall and the floor. It's uh, rustic?