Our First House Projects

Chris and I moved into our first home in 2009. With a lot of help from our families, we completed a huge list of projects to turn our house that felt very much like an elderly couple lived there to a house that was distinctly us. A house that we loved coming home to.

Once we got pregnant, we decided it was time to move on to a house better suited for our growing family. We may not have crossed every item off the list during our 8 years in the Capers, we certainly made our mark on this house and we'll always have a ton of memories from all of our projects:

Exterior - Completed
  • Replace oxidized aluminum siding with vinyl siding
  • Paint garage's wood siding
  • Upgrade exterior trim all the way around the house and garage
  • Install additional vents in attic to improve airflow
  • Replace garage door
  • Fix or replace dented aluminum door frame on garage
  • Add privacy fence along south side of yard
  • Remove chain-link fence that cuts the yard in half
  • Add wire fence with a wood gate from the house to the garage to contain pets in the backyard 
  • Paint front and back doors
  • Replace front lamp post topper
  • Upgrade street numbers on house
  • Replace brick front steps with larger wood deck

Kitchen - Completed
  • Create catch-all entry area with a slim low-boy dresser and coat rack
  • Paint paneling with soft green and white stripes
  • Paint walls (green), trim (glossy white) and ceiling (white)
  • Replace dishwasher with a white Energy Star-rated dishwasher
  • Replace existing lights with frosted hanging pendants and industrial pendant lamps
  • Remove valances, cheap/broken mini blinds and temporary window treatments
  • Add tall, wide curtain rod and bold curtains over windows and door window
  • Paint window trim above the sink with glossy white

Full Bathroom - Completed
  • Demo existing maroon tiling and put up drywall
  • Add natural stone tub surround with medallion design
  • Replace existing sink with slim pedestal sink and tall faucet
  • Replace old ceiling-mounted light with vent/light combo
  • Put up tension rod shower curtain and extra-long shower curtain
  • Put in crown molding and baseboard trim
  • Trim out built-in shelves
  • Replace window (original to the house and won't stay open on its own)
  • Paint brass door knobs with ORB spray paint
  • Put up new towel bar and toilet paper dispenser
  • Repaint built-in shelves

Dining Room & Staircase Hallway - Completed
  • Paint paneling (grey) and trim (glossy white)
  • Reinforce bubbled paneling
  • Remove painted wallpaper from hallway
  • Repaint staircase hallway to match dining room for a more cohesive whole-house color palette
  • Paint random strip of wood trim glossy white (to match the rest of the trim)
  • Create a more open dining room floor plan and coordinate furniture pieces
  • Coordinate picture frames in all white to create a cohesive look down the staircase
  • Replace ceiling fan with chandelier or other light & install switch
  • Paint the stair risers and side of staircase white

Living Room - Completed
  • Take down ripped decorative border
  • Tear out blue carpet (that was covering up original hardwoods!) and add quarter-round trim
  • Paint walls (taupe), trim (glossy white) and ceiling (white)
  • Switch out ceiling fan to match accessories
  • Remove vertical blinds and put up curtain rod and curtains
  • Hang art or shelves
  • Hang art over the couch
  • Rearrange furniture to accommodate 2 desks (without blocking the big window)

Guest Room - Completed
  • Remove dingy, torn wallpaper and paint walls (navy), trim (glossy white) and ceiling (white)
  • Remove folding closet door 
  • Put up new shades
  • Organize closet and maximize storage space
  • Create vanity space for guests
  • Paint brass door knobs with ORB spray paint
  • Replace old wall-mounted lamp with more stylish light fixture

Spare Room - Completed
  • Paint walls (Pyramid Gold) and trim (glossy white)
  • Create wall of bookcases - paint, add shelves and hardware
  • Put up new curtains and faux wood blinds
  • Organize closet and maximize storage space
  • Create gift-wrapping station on closet door
  • Paint door knob back plates with ORB spray paint

Master Bedroom - Completed
  • Paint walls (white), trim (glossy white) and ceiling (white)
  • Paint built-in dressers and upgrade hardware
  • Install wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Paint brass door knob with ORB spray paint
  • Get matching nightstands for each side of the bed
  • Add lamps to each side of the bed
  • Add curtains or shades to all four windows
Upstairs Hallway - Completed
  • Remove painted wallpaper and paint hallway and ceiling (grey) and trim (glossy white)
  • Repaint closet(s) to match hallway
  • Install closet door on space outside the master bedroom/organize closet
  • Replace window
  • Replace light fixtures

Half Bathroom - Completed
  • Paint walls, ceiling and trim
  • Remove random wood strip on walls
  • Replace window
  • Add electrical outlet
  • Upgrade light fixture (install switch)
  • Add towel bar and lower mirror
  • Add artwork or interesting paint technique on walls
  • Paint door knob back plates with ORB spray paint
Front Porch - Completed
  • Take down mini blinds
  • Create custom curtains for all windows
  • Paint door knob back plates with ORB spray paint
  • Create comfy daybed area with lots of pillows
  • Remove curtain on inside door
Back Porch - Completed
  • Upgrade ceiling-mounted light fixture
  • Replace motion-sensing light
  • Replace old screen-door handle with a working latch handle
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Finish the missing half of the ceiling
  • Sand the floor
  • Replace broken stair tread
  • Add crown molding and trim around the floor
Basement - Completed
  • Remove/thin clutter and extra boxes
  • Organize work bench
  • Fix/fill dirt patch in the floor
  • Paint floors and walls with sealer
  • Create contained litter box area to cut down on litter being tracked around
  • Paint shelves in laundry room
  • Paint stairway walls and ceiling
  • Fix up windows, add curtains