Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas 2010 at the Capers

Last night, Chris and I opened our gifts to each other and gifts from my parents and my grandmother. And the kitties continued to be their adorable selves. Here's the highlight reel.

Oreo and Shadow enjoying their Christmas present.

But of course, they stil love their old cat bed too so they can snuggle.
Zoro loves his brother so much. What a cuddle bug.
The birds enjoying the new bird feeder.
Here's a couple awesome presents Chris got me. They are from 20 x 200, an excellent place to get limited edition art for a steal. Here's the website in case you're interested:


Another kitty! But this one is a planter. Sooo cute!
Chris made me a calender of my kitties through the years. He wrote super funny captions to go with all the pictures.
Callie's Kitties.
The aftermath of opening presents.
Chris also bought me a security camera for the house. It's awsome. Now I can pull up the video feed on my phone or through a website to see the kitties when we're away. And of course, it will certainly help me feel safe when Chris is away. :-)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Just wanted to show off a couple of my early Christmas presents. The adorable bird picture above the headboard is sooooo cute and looks good in pretty much every room in the house. We're starting it off in the guest room but I'm sure it'll make it's way around. So cute. Also, the bench at the foot of the bed was a special gift from my dad. He made it out of antique barn wood. Planning on putting it in the garden this spring, but it looks really great in this room too. I love the rustic charm.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Chris and I have really been in the Christmas spirit lately. We love our holidays and it's so fun to decorate and attend festivities.
Here's stage one of the Christmas decorating. Got some lights up.
We also went to North Syracuse's holiday parade. It was super cold but pretty fun to weather the snow and freezing temperatures with our community.
Here's the firefighters pulling an old firetruck and dressed as reindeer. haha

A cute bird ornament we got at Beckwith's Christmas tree farm this year. Goes with our wedding theme. :-)
We also got this funny little guy. We're thinking it's a cat, but we're not totally sure. It's made out of some sort of dried plant.

Okay, these pictures are out of order, but I'm using Internet Explorer and it's crap and won't let me rearrange the order. lol Here's the finished product, our Christmas tree all decorated and gorgeous.

And now you get to see the tree bailed and ready to be unwrapped.

And here's our tree getting bailed at Beckwith's Christmas tree farm. Do you feel like you're in some sort of weird Christmas flashback scene in an old holiday movie? Maybe when we stop, we'll be at the very beginning of the Christmas season again and can make up for past/future mistakes?

And now the tree with lights. Forward progress now. haha

Chris and me at the farm, about to ride a wagon out to the field to pick out our tree. Oh man, we're heading backwards again. Look at those faces. They have no idea they're caught in a time warp.

Love it.
Here's the lobby of my office building. Oh man. Now our time warp involves changing locations? This is intense. At least they did a really nice job of decorating it for the holidays.

So there you have our crazy little not-at-all chronologically ordered Christmas adventures. Maybe I should ask Santa for Firefox for Christmas next year. haha

Michigan for Thanksgiving

Last weekend Chris and I drove to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Here's a few of the pictures from our time there.

This is my cute cousin Jayda trying to hold my neice Hadley. Jayda is very tiny for her age and Hadley is pretty pudgy. The results are so cute.Check out those chubby thighs!

Hdaley and her mommy.

Me with one of my bridesmaids, Cara and my maid of honor, Katie.
Hadley and her Nana. :-)