Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures in starting up a business

Well, my mom and I have decided to go into business together. We're going to sell our works online. For anyone who knows either of us, you'll understand why I have to use the very vague term "works" to describe our product. Between the two of us, there is no shortage of creative ideas. Each year, my mom specializes in a different project, last year being her fern pictures, this year being her leaf pictures. I'm still exploring and building my areas of expertise, but if you've been following this blog, you'll be sure to see more furniture pieces like what I've worked on before.

But this isn't the part that is stumping us at the moment. I'm not at all worried about the product. I don't want to be over-confident, but I have faith that my mom and I can produce some wonderful things to sell to our customers.

What is stumping us, however, is the name. I know. I know. I'm a writer. This should be my forte. This is my thing. But alas, I'm stumped. Every time I think I've come up with a good name for the business, I discover that it's already been taken by six other companies. Blahhhhh.

We're getting close though. Since I work with more international/cultural designs, and my mom does a lot of really pretty country designs, we have agreed that "----- Villa Creations" is a good starting off point. The problem is the: ------. We need an adjective so that we aren't stealing another company's name, and to just make ours richer and more memorable. We need something that fits both our styles and lets the customer get a quick idea of what we're all about.

That's a lot to ask from one little word though. So here we are ... thinking about a name.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to add them in a comment below. We could use a little inspiration. :-)