Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another bed

While Oreo claims that our newest piece of furniture is strictly for making him more comfortable, Chris and I are happy to say he is wrong. After putting our new full-sized guest bed together, we can now officially welcome our guests with the kind of hospitality they deserve. I'm already trying to figure out what sort of gorgeous headboard I can make for it.
Oh, and don't get me wrong. Our motives here are completely selfish: we want our family and friends to come visit us. :-P This is all just a part of our intricate plan to lure you all in. What's the next step of the plan, you ask? Personal chef? Hotel towels for you to tuck in your bags at the end of your stay? Or could it be that we are secretly training Oreo to give spa-quality massages? Or none of the above? lol I guess only our visitors will know. ;-)