Sunday, November 8, 2009

Working on the house

Dave and Lisa came out this weekend to bring us out a snow blower and an air compressor. They also helped us out on some projects around the house. Chris and Dave got the compressor all hooked up, got the generator all ready to go in case the power goes out, insulated the attic door, and installed a programmable thermostat. I'd put up pictures of everything, but most of it is in the garage and I'm too lazy to go out there tonight. lol

Pretty pink insulation will stop that cold air from getting into the hallway and our bedroom. :-)Lisa and I did happen to find this fantastic desk at Christmas Tree Shop for only $99. :-) We had to put it together ourselves, but that's totally worth it. It has a cute hutch and a little drawer below. Chris is still getting used to it and trying to get it ergonomically situated and whatnot. lol But it looks so much better than his old plastic one.

Lisa and Dave also bought us this great lamp from Ikea. It is short enough that it doesn't smack against the sloped ceilings in our bedroom. It looks pretty stylish wearing my scarf, too, right?
I finally found the perfect spot for these little white shelves my mom got us. I mixed them in on the wall of picture frames and it breaks up all the squares nicely. Still don't have enough picture frames to fill up the wall, but you get the idea.