Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a few pics

So this guy still doesn't have a name. He's just "Little Black One." But having no name doesn't stop him from having a big personality. While still very frightened much of the time, he let's his lovable goofball side show whenever he gets around Oreo, his personal hero.
This one is now named Zoro. (See the Z on his nose?) Our masked friend enjoys spending much of his time watching me and Chris from a few feet away. He studies us. And also I think he is hoping we will give him more food. He's becoming a fattie.

Here's a picture of the nicest looking corner in our house. My mom gave me the pillows and the picture on the wall for Christmas (all of which she made). They look so nice in our living room. Definitely makes the place more cozy. :-)