Sunday, September 11, 2011

NY Bridal Shower

Lisa and the girls threw me an absolutely beautiful bridal shower this weekend. It was at the Charlton Tavern, and we had our own room in the back to enjoy delicious food, drinks, games and wonderful gifts. We played a fun game of bridal bingo, as well as a game where you had to finish the most quotes to win a prize.
 Everyone received adorable pink favor bags. See further below for pictures of what was inside.

 This cake was soooo yummy!
 Michelle and Cameron having some fun.

 Inside the favor bags were tins of personalized M&M candies. How cute is that??
 The personalized candles were also a beautiful touch and smell so good.
Erin took more pictures on her cell phone when my camera battery died, so I should have more pictures to post soon. :-)