Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back in Another Closet

Apparently organizing the spare room closet and my closet upstairs just wasn't enough for me. Was the thought of a disorganized closet tearing me up inside, keeping me awake at night, causing night terrors in which I dreamt dresser drawers were banging on the walls, desperate to get out of the closet?
Well, no. But I did think it was about time I got Chris's old dresser out of the guest room closet. We put it there originally for lack of a better space, but all it ended up doing was taking up space. So after I finished sprucing up a section of the basement (more on that to come) Chris helped me move it downstairs. It actually works great for storing extra electronic things so they don't get dusty down in the basement.
But then I had an empty closet. With a clothing rod and a second L-shape clothing rod made out of a steel pipe. It was weird and not very practical.
So after a million trips to Lowes and Target to explore my options, I landed on some easy-to-install wire shelves from Lowes. Here's half of the closet after we moved the dresser out and I installed the shelves.
Sort of looks like a pantry at this point.

Below, you can see what the closet looks like if you step in and look to the right. There's still a whole section for hanging clothes, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to take out the second clothing rod.

But it was looking much better once I got it full of pretty towels and sheets.

Guess who wanted to hang out in the closet with me. That's right: Shadow! Either he's getting friendlier or he really really misses his old hiding spot in my upstairs closet.

And there's still plenty of room for coats and hanging items, as well as the vacuum and deep cleaner. Talk about a functional closet. Yay for organization!