Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Festive Wreath for Less Than $12

'Tis the season to decorate your house with all sorts of sparkley things. Personally, I love Christmas wreaths, but the pre-made ones can be spendy, whether they are made with real pine and flowers or other materials. So when I was in Christmas Tree Shop the other day and happened upon this fun red wreath for $3.99, I knew I could make something perfect for our house with it. All I needed was a couple of embellishments, namely a pack of green bells and some green ribbon (each less than $4 from Michael's).

The next step was to tie the ribbon and bells in place ... then let the cat make a nest in the middle of the wreath, I guess.

We have a little wire on the top of the front door that we can pull down to hang decorations from, so I just wrapped that around the plastic frame of the wreath and voila! A little Christmas cheer for the front of our house. And doesn't it look so great with that bright green door?

So there you have it. A gorgeous Christmas wreath for less than $12. Can't beat that.

Any one else doing some holiday decorating on the cheap? Any tips or tricks for adding holiday spirit without breaking the bank?