Monday, September 2, 2013

Going to the Jersey Shore

Recently, Chris and I headed to Wildwood, NJ, where we met up with family for a little vacation. We stayed in a nice hotel that had a billion kids running around. lol But at night it was so peaceful and looked like this.
The main event during the day was to rotate between the hotel pool and the ocean .Laying out at the beach and crashing into the waves in the ocean was pretty awesome (despite one day of bad sunburns).

The ocean itself is a bit of a walk from the hotel, even though the hotel is on the beach. You can see in the pictures below that it's just a super long beach, especially when the tide is out.
Jackson's going to hate me when he's older for posting this picture, but how hilarious is this? He got sand in his shorts and didn't want to wait for Erin to bring him to the ocean to rinse them out. So this happened.
We also went out to a couple nice restaurants. Jackson had a good time playing the tambourine for the band that was playing outside. I guess he just didn't like the other tambourine players stealing his glory. No rhythm, ya know.
Another fun pastime at the Jersey shore is of course, the boardwalk. We must have walked 10 miles with as many times as we walked up and down it.

One of the days, some craft vendors had set up tents along the boardwalk. This guy's candles just impressed the hell out of me. Yep. Those are candles that look like beer, pie, daiquiris and more. Crazy, right?
One evening we sent Mike and Erin off to have a nice meal alone, so Chris and I took the kids to the boardwalk. Well, mom and dad couldn't stay away for long, but we had a lot of fun the whole evening.
Jackson won the cape at one of the boardwalk games (we may have let him throw darts since Mom and Dad weren't around to tell us no ...). So Jackson was off running around faster than a speeding bullet the rest of the night. Luckily good ole Uncle Chris was there to keep track of him.
Chris and I took the kids on the carousel. Jackson picked the only one that didn't move up and down. haha But he was a good sport about it and still had fun. Emma had such a good time she requested another ride on the other carousel on the next pier over. Loved it.
We also all headed out to the Cape May zoo on one of our last days. The kids loved it and we saw so many awesome animals. Mike, oddly enough, seemed to have the most fun feeding the animals.
We even saw a great white wallaby. haha Ok, so actually it was an albino wallaby, but pretty neat looking.
This long-neck turtle was also something I've never seen before. It looked like a snake inside a turtle shell.
The zoo also had two baby snow leopards at the zoo, along with the mama. They were so adorable and playful. I don't think I've ever seen any of the big cats at any zoo display this much energy.
Check out this video I took of them playing.
And how cute is this guy with his little green hood keeping the sprinkling rain off his head?
So that's the trip. Lots of fun and lots of sun ... and a few sprinkles near the end, but nothing too bad.