Friday, February 14, 2014

The Curse of St. Valentine IV: Cupid's Revenge

Chris and I love love love Halloween. We always have a fantastic time dressing up together, hanging out with friends, eating candy, decorating the house, and going to haunted houses and hayrides together. When you think about it, it's a pretty romantic holiday for us. I'm basically wrapped up in his arms through the whole month of October while we watch scary movies, sneak through haunted houses, and dress up in couple's costumes and go to parties together. What's more could you ask for?

Valentine's Day, on the other hand, has been less romantic for us over the years. Mostly because we seem to be under some strange curse. Luck is not with us on February 14th.

Here's a little recap of our so-called romantic holidays over the years:

Valentine's Day 2008: Chris flew out to Michigan to visit and we had a very nice Valentine's Day together. Two days later, my appendix ruptured and I spent the better part of a week in the hospital.

Valentine's Day 2009: We were in our first apartment and realized Oreo had worms coming out both ends. We had to rush him to the emergency vet. After spending hundreds of dollars and most of the day at the animal hospital, we wound up spending the rest of the evening in, checking on our poor kitty.

Valentine's Day 2010: We ate at a nice restaurant, gave each other thoughtful gifts and had really nice day together. A rare day indeed.

Valentine's Day 2011: The year we can't remember. We assume it was decent since we don't have night terrors about it still.

Valentine's Day 2012: Our house was broken into while we were at work. Police reports, bracing our broken door ... the whole nine yards. We also thought our scaredy cat had gotten out and was lost forever. We found him a few days later, apparently finally ready to come out of some secret hiding space in our house. But as you can imagine, the days while he was missing were pretty rough.

Valentine's Day 2013: One week earlier, Chris had terrible stomach pains and I had to rush him to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with a severe case of colitis and was put on a very restricted diet for days. By the time Valentine's Day rolled around, he was feeling a bit better, but we stayed in and had a quiet (and bland) dinner so we didn't upset his stomach.

Valentine's Day 2014: Today. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had surgery two days ago. They removed a large cyst from one of my ovaries. I'm happy to report the surgery went well, no complications. I have been in a bit more pain than we expected, though. I can't take NSAID pain relievers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) so that limits the pain killers they can put me on. What they have been giving me just hasn't been cutting it.

But as I sit here on the couch, typing up this recap of our bad Valentine's Days, I can't help but laugh. We may be cursed, but at least we're cursed together. Despite all this terrible luck, at least I always get to write "we". Sure, "we" were often enduring crappy situations, poor health, and fear, but at least we were together. No matter what happens, we always have each other.

So yes, this Valentine's Day also involves another hospital visit (that makes three if you include the cat's visit!). I've been almost completely reliant on Chris to get me up off the couch or the bed. I can't really use my ab muscles at all, and my shoulders are killing me as a result of the laparoscopy. Sometimes if I breathe in too deeply, a get a sharp pain in my ribs that causes me to lose my breath, so then gasp for air, which hurts even worse, causing the cycle to start all over. Each time this has happened, Chris has rushed to my side and just tried to help me calm down so I can breathe normally. It's been rough so far, but Chris has been taking such good care of me. And today is far better than yesterday, and I'm sure tomorrow will be better still.

I know it's not so romantic for him, but it really reminds me how lucky I am every time he helps me to my feet or rubs my sore shoulders or makes me food. I've got such an amazing guy as my Valentine. Last year I was taking care of him, and this year, he's returning the favor. So if we get to spend the rest of our Valentine's Days together, taking care of each other and supporting each other through good times and bad, I guess maybe it's not such a bad curse after all. Maybe this is how we are reminded every year that we have someone in our lives that loves us so selflessly and unconditionally. Maybe we are luckier than I thought ...

But I swear to those stupid little cherubs that if my car gets stolen next year or our house burns down, I'm going to publicly defame St. Valentine and throw Cupid to the wolves. Just sayin'.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!