Sunday, March 29, 2015

NZ 3.5: Rafting

During our whitewater rafting trip in Rotorua, we got the guide to let us flip the raft over on one of the rapids. And as luck would have it, one of the other passengers had a GoPro camera and the raft was equipped with a camera holder.

We exchanged email addresses with Leo, our new Brazialian friend and owner of the GoPro. He just sent us the video this weekend and it's pretty cool. Leo is the guy in the front on the right. Chris and I are in the third row of the raft. The guide and a a guide-in-training are in the very back.

Enjoy the video!

I promise to get some more pictures up soon. This weekend just slipped away from me and now we're watching a friend's dog for a week, so things are a little crazy around here. But soon!