Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Apartment

I know it's taken me a long time to get up some pictures of the apartment, but trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see it much sooner than this. It turns out that two pack rats like us living in an apartment with hardly any storage or shelving units does not make for an easy move-in. We still have boxes everywhere, but we've at least consolidated them to the dining room and the spare bedroom. Before that, we had little paths cleared through the boxes just so we could get around. lol

But everyday we get a little more done. And as soon as we purchase some shelving units and check out our storage space for the apartment things will be much less cluttered (fingers crossed).

We did opt for the king size bed. We figured a bed was the one thing we shouldn't scrimp on ... so we went all out. It's an incredibly comfortable pillow-top mattress with a espresso-colored wood bed frame. See the picture below of Chris celebrating the fact that we no longer had to sleep on an air mattress ... or bunk beds ... or twin beds pushed together ... or boat cabin beds ... or train seats ... Basically, this bed is heaven. And surprisingly, we still have plenty of space around the bed to walk around. Turns out the bedroom is bigger than we thought. :-)
From the master bedroom, there is a walk-through closet which leads to the smaller bathroom. This is my side of the closet. Packed full ...
This is the view from inside the bathroom, looking through the closest into the bedroom.
Here is our ridiculously crowded guest bedroom. I promise that we'll get it cleaned up before any of you come to be guests here. ;-)
This is our pantry, just off the kitchen. As it turned out, the "pantry" was really just a closet with a shelf at the top. So we headed off to Target and found some shelves. I put it together myself. :-)
Here is part of our kitchen. We have a dishwasher, which is oddly exciting for me. Chris teases me about how I've been using it practically non-stop so far.
Other side of the kitchen. Pretty standard.
This is the built-in shelving unit in the living room. We're still working on getting it organized and looking nice.
The living room. The chair is the couch substitute for now. Chris and I have to fight to see who gets to sit in it when we watch tv. lol On the right is the beautiful espresso-colored bookshelf that we bought and put together. If you ask me, our handiwork is impeccable.
Our awesome tv and tv stand ... haha
Nice computer chairs, crappy computer table. Win some, lose some. lol
Chris and I are also exploring our options of how to be more green. We've replaced all of the light bulbs in the apartment with energy-efficient ones that use less wattage than traditional ones. Chris is currently using a wattage reader on everything we have plugged in to see what pulls the most energy. lol

More pictures to come as we furnish and organize the apartment.