Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walking Tour of Syracuse

Chris and I headed out to Syracuse with directions for a self-guided walking tour of Syracuse. It had some odd choices for noteworthy buildings, but here's a few that I thought were pretty/interesting.

Below is a fountain that marks the spot where the first well in Syracuse was. Also in this square, the area's first hot air balloon launching took place.

This is a pretty church. lol

I think this is one of the city government buildings. Obviously, it's undergoing renovations.

This is Columbus Circle ... Syracuse style. lol Not quite as busy as the one in Manhattan, but it was nice, nonetheless.

Here's old Christopher Columbus himself.

Our walking tour was a but rushed at the end due to rain. We had planned on going to a outdoor jazz concert held in Clinton Square that evening, but something about standing outside in the rain didn't appeal to us. lol Oh well. It seems we've had rain almost every day for the last couple weeks. We have yet to visit Armory Square, but we hear that's the spot for nightlife in Syracuse.