Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween and Yoga with Oreo

I think I might need to start a second blog just for pictures of our cat. haha Then I can become a crazy cat lady and make up captions for what he's trying to say in each picture. lol

Chris and I bought some fun Halloween garland at the store the other day. It has spooky orange spiders that Oreo had a field day with. It seemed his mission was to rip off as many as possible. We didn't mind too much though, because it was pretty entertaining.

A few days later, Oreo began stretching out into odd positions. Maybe the orange spiders inspired him to be more like a web ... maybe he's just a weird cat. Take a close look here. His back legs are to the left, tail to the top of the picture, front legs to the right, head to the bottom. Not sure if our cat actually has a spine.

Here Oreo is getting in touch with his inner-spiderweb.

We call this yoga position the "disoriented bunny rabbit."

"Upside Down Philosopher."

And this is Oreo telling me he's had enough pictures. Now go away.Crazy cat lady, signing off.