Monday, January 26, 2009

Beardslee Castle

On our way out to Kingston to help Mike and Erin move, Chris and I stopped at this unbelievable restaurant called Beardslee Castle. It's this beautiful manor that's burned down several times and been rebuilt. It was originally built in 1860. For more info, follow this link.
In the "dungeon," they now have a fun and quirky bar. Chris and I had a couple drinks down there and enjoyed the odd decorations.

The upstairs is elegant and old and modern all at once. The lighting and other decorative details scream with contemporary personality, while the stone walls, beautiful arches and wooden ceiling feel completely medieval.
Here we are, enjoying our candlelight dinner. Oh, and the food was incredible: the smoked salmon appetizer and banana nut bread dessert with banana sauteed in cinnamon and brown sugar were the highlights.