Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bye Bye GRE

Well my GRE is finally done, kaput, finito. It's funny, but after I finished the exam and got back home, I wasn't relieved, or ready to celebrating being done with all the non-stop studying. I was more stressed than ever. lol

But I suppose that's a result of knowing being done with the test means I have move on to my grad school applications and--possibly even more fun--filing taxes. Sighhhh. Luckily, having no money and no job may work to my benefit in that area. Living and working in two different states during the same year, however, will not be to my benefit. I get the pleasure of filing not just the federal and state tax returns, but the federal and TWO state part-year returns. Yipee. And this will be my first time filing taxes ever. So basically, wish me luck.

On the bright side, relief finally caught up to me in the form of a relaxing weekend at home with Chris. I even finally feel relieved to have the GRE over with. I even made a cake yesterday to celebrate. Vanilla funfetti with chocolate frosting. Yum!