Monday, March 29, 2010

A day out in New York

On Saturday, Chris and I spent the day out in the city. We found one of those fun little street markets where they shut down the street for the day and all these vendors set up booths. I love those things! Chris and I each got a pair of sunglasses for $20 total. I got one of those cute skirts that you can tie and wear in about 50 different ways as a top or a dress or a sarong and so on. Good stuff.

After that we headed over to Washington Square Park.

We saw the sand art guy again! It was like finding Waldo in the big city! hahaWe watched an acapella group perform.

We went to Puerto Rico Importing, Co. and picked up some imported coffee from New Guinea for my parents. This store smelled sooooo good!Chris took me to Jekyll and Hyde, this really fun themed restaurant. The props on the wall talked and sang songs and there was a funny "Dr. Brayne" character walking around making jokes. He said he'd come perform at our wedding. haha

That night, Chris and I headed over to Lincoln Center to see South Pacific.
On the way back, we saw Michael Jackson. We took this picture for Marena. haha
We ended the night talking about the summer we met in NYC over a couple of drinks at Live Bait, a fun bar that Chris knew about near the hotel.