Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My tiny flower project. I bought this around Christmas time and gave one to Andrea. I actually planted the seeds the night before Hadley was born, and already they are sprouting up. Still tiny though, just like Hadley. :-)

I went outside to take pictures of the flowers and felt someone's eyes on me.
This is my front yard. These plants are all over. Going to be daffodils or tulips, if I remember correctly. Not sure why the previous owner planted them in the middle of the yard though ...
See? All over the place.

Got some yucky looking stuff under the picture window. Gonna have to do some work there.
But these pretty flowers are doing good back behind the house near the stairs.

Purple ones.

As you can tell from all the pictures, we received some of our neighbor's unraked leaves over the course of the winter. Sigh ... more raking to do.