Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Guest Room Makeover

Another room is showing some real progress here at the Capers. Every day we get closer and closer to living in our home, not just the old house of some elderly couple. haha Okay, so let's remember what the guest bedroom looked like earlier this year.
In spots, the wallpaper was hanging off the wall and had been taped up with clear packaging tape. All the trim was once white but now looked yellow from aging. And the giant rug with the hole cut out for the floor vent left something to be desired.

Here is the new room. I painted the ceiling, the walls, the trim, took out the rug, cleaned the curtains, rearranged everything ... you get the idea. I've been working hard.

Here are the awesome floating shelves that I bought with birthday money from Aunt Lynn.

Switched out the switch plates. lol
Moved the bed to the far wall.

Bought 2 new baskets made out of recycled Chinese phone books.

And found a spot for the bulletin board my mom gave me.

Definitely making some good progress on this room. It doesn't scream little old lady anymore, although it certainly doesn't say finished product, either. But that wallpaper was such a pain to remove that I am so happy with how it turned out.

Chris and I had to tear off the old wallpaper inch by inch, but the actual paper came off and left the backing on the walls. So the whole thing was left with a "fuzzy" feeling. It was weird and not pretty. We purchased some sealent to cover this weird wallpaper backing, so we were left with what looked like a mostly normal wall. Then we had to prime, and then paint. And that was just the walls. Good thing this is a labor of love, right?