Monday, April 19, 2010

Man on Fire

My fiance caught on fire. That's right. He was up at the cabin with his dad and they headed inside to build a fire in the fireplace. Well, as he stood there with his back to the CLOSED fireplace, he smelled something burning and swatted at his back, thinking it was just a spark. That's when he realized he was really on fire. Apparently the heat was enough to ignite the shirts, which maybe had some oils or grease on them to make them more combustible.

Here's his undershirt after the fire.

And here's his overshirt.

I could have cried when I saw this. Probably the scariest thing that's happened in recent memory for me. Luckily, Chris is a quick thinker and threw open the door and jumped off the stairs onto the ground. He rolled around, trying to extinguish the flames. But something they don't tell you when they teach you stop, drop and roll is that rolling hurts like hell. You're rubbing the ground into open wounds. So he said that was the worst part.

But he didn't even go to the hospital until the next day. They give him some burn medicine and he got lots of bandages and gauze, so I get to play nurse and try to get my patient feeling better again. I'm just so thankful he's ok. But I'm so not letting him play with his father up at the cabin anymore. haha jk ... maybe ...