Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peeling Back the Layers of Our Guest Room

So Chris helped me tear down wallpaper in the guest room. It was too gueling a task to be tackled on my own, and luckily, I have a fabulous husband to humor me on my DIY adventures. For the most part it came off ok. But then there were the trouble spots like this one.

We even found old old wallpaper underneath the stuff we were tearing off. Maybe that's why the most recent stuff wasn't sticking very well. At most of the seams, it was peeling back. There was even one section the previous owners had "patched" with clear packing tape. Awesomesauce.

But mostly, it looks like this, which is smooth enough to seal, prime and then paint. Looks bad now, but it's going to look great soon. :-)

Also, I decided I wanted to move the dresser into the closet in the guest room, but unfortunately, this little piece of wood is in the way. We're not sure if we can rip it out or cut it or what. Any suggestions?