Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love Christmas Tree Shop

Along with Home Goods, Christmas Tree Shop is one of the greatest stores for fun home decor items at awesome prices. Here are a few of my finds today.

First, this adorable pillow for $7. I bought it for the guest room, but it's so cute I think I could put it in any room in the house and it would look great. Too bad there was only one left.
Next, I found some cute curtains. Actually, they were tie-up shades, but I'm in the process of reworking the ties to make them tab-top curtains for the front porch. I have more to do, obviously, but here's a preview. The fern print looks great against all the wood on the porch.

This lantern was a whopping $4.

Cute colorful rug to cover the cord running up to the new lantern. (Ignore the rest of the junk in this picture. haha I'm working on that.)

Candle holder with sea shells on it. Also about $4.

And a new mirror to go with the cabinet Chris and I bought at Home Goods. It has pretty much the exact same pattern on it as the cabinet's mirror-front drawers. What a find! And only $5. (Can you tell how excited I am about this store's fantastic deals?)

I also found this quilted lunch pail for $1.50. It's even lined so that it's easy to wipe clean. :-)
I got a couple colorful candle holders, too, but you'll have to wait to see them once I get the guest room put back in order. Which I guess I should be doing right now ...