Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Wee Bit of Gardening

I bought a very pretty hardy Azalea last weekend and finally found a moment today to get it in the ground. I would wait a little longer until I'm sure there won't be anymore frost, but because the kitties also find the plant so appealing, I've had to keep it out on the screened back porch anyway.

I decided to plant it outside the living room window on the opposite side of the driveway so we could see it all the time. Before I got outside though, I didn't really realize how bad this area was.
The whole area is covered in dead leaves, weeds, dead weeds, ugly shrubs and dead ugly shrubs. haha

So I started pulling out all of the bad stuff, and ended up working for quite a while just to clear out the area in front of 3 sections of the fence. A good start, I guess. Unfortunately, though, rain was coming, so I only had time to get the Azalea planted and mulch around the immediate area. It looks a little silly right now.
But it's definitely going to look great once I get a few more plants in there and the whole thing covered in this red mulch, which is a very similar color to our roof.
All I have to say is: gardening is rough work.