Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New York City has launched!

I am so excited this morning to be able to finally share the New York City pages of the DGuides website that I've been writing for over the past year or so. Follow the link below to browse the site. That's one of my articles on the front page ("above the fold" haha). Two of the three spotlight articles are mine, in fact. If you want to find some of my other articles, you can type my name in the search box.

I've written for pretty much every category, but I have a lot of articles in Attractions. Also, if you're up for a longer read, check out the History of NYC under the Information tab. It's a biggie, but I worked really hard on that one (Chris' family may remember me sitting in front of my laptop in Dave and Lisa's kitchen for almost an entire day last summer while we were visiting).

Yay! So happy this is finally up!