Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's Garden Pictures

Per the advice of my mom, I restocked my bird feeder with thistle so that it would flow better through the tiny openings on this particular feeder.

I managed to snag a new feeder for my wild bird seed at Wegmans for about $4.00. Can't beat that. And it actually matches the black bracket better than the other feeder.
Something new growing. Can't remember what it is that I planted last fall. lol
It's another super tall plant like the allium, though.

Mini-rose. From when I took the pictures last night, several blooms opened up! Man, I can't wait to rip out the chain-link fence though.My little clematis isn't quite big enough for this trellis yet.

Haha, my poor peony. I planted it about a month and a half too late for it to do much this summer, I think.

Endless Summer hydrangea.
My hybrid tea rose. Not to impressive this year, but hopefully next year will be better.

My sunflower sprouts are shooting up like crazy. I think they have about 5 more feet to go, though. lol