Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Weather Makes Us All a Little Crazy

The crazy winter weather has definitely got me wanting to stay indoors. So I've been keeping busy tackling a few small items on my to do list. That and taking naps. Ahh naps.

Today I finally got around to hanging some pictures that I've had around since Christmas ... and since before we moved into our house... haha Below is the soooo cute set of baby animal prints Chris got me for Christmas from They are so fun to look at. The photographer is Sharon Montrosse and she is fantastic.

The pictures we've had forever are the wooden signs from England. I got those hung up today as well and they look great in the dining room. I think I'm slowly turning the dining room into a really masculine-styled library, which is something I've always loved. The globes and maps are in the living room, but it's close enough. I still love the grey walls my mom and I painted in there and the grey shades my dad hung for me. Now I just need wall-to-wall bookshelves and a big standing globe and we'll be all set. haha jk

Sorry for the terrible picture. Not on my A-game today, I guess.

The kitties have been coping with all the snow we've gotten lately by doing what they always do: sleeping and laying on soft things. It's a tough life.

All three kitties, chilling together.
Big smiles for the camera.
Shadow's new favorite sleeping spot. Right on all the pillows. What a punk. Zoro is hiding his face he's so ashamed.

We've had an incredibly ridiculous winter in Syracuse this year. It's snowed everyday and we've had to snowblow almost every morning just to get our cars out of the driveway. If only I had known this was what I was signing up for when I agreed to move to the Salt City. haha

Chris snowblowing the driveway. Nice snowbanks, right?

The snow reached the top of the fence. Not cool, man, not cool.
The bank next to our cars was getting a little out of control for a while there. Luckily a couple days of relatively warm weather has shrunk the snow banks just a bit.

Is that my car under there or just a huge snow bank? Yikes!
But back to those pesky kitties. Shadow has a major attitude problem. He's scared of us most of the time, and lately, perhaps because we're all cooped up in the house togetehr, he's been turning into Al Bundy on the couch. Just put a beer in his paw and he's a dead ringer, right?

There he is again! Different chair, different day, same lack of pride and humility.