Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend, while Chris was off having a mountain adventure with his friend Adam Bird in Colorado, I was at home, toiling away with gardening and housework. Ok, I also enjoyed just relaxing at home and spending time with my kitties, but here's what else I did:

One of my big projects was working on the new front garden. It still needs more plants to fill it out, but I think it's great for the first year. This area was all grass that I had to remove. I turned it into a flower bed because there are daffodils planted throughout this area and it makes it impossible to mow throughout the spring and some of the summer. So this was supposed to be the simple solution. Well, hours of digging in the dirt, seven bags of red mulch and many, many plants later, I'm not so sure this was the easy way out. haha

One of my smaller projects was putting together the bistro set my parents got Chris and I for a wedding present. Isn't it goregous? The turqouise chair in the middle is one I got at a garage sale and painted this weekend to complement the bistro set. I also filled these pretty planters this weekend.

My cute little kitty planter I filled a couple weeks ago, but it's still adorable. Chris bought it for me the for Christmas and I planted a licorice plant and dahlias in it.

I purchased this gorgeous hydrangea and planter this weekend. The huge blue pot was on sale for 50% off at Chuck Hafners. Completely gorgeous and it's going to look even better next to our new fence. :-)

And here's my other huge weekend project. I worked on the putting up, puttying and painting the bathroom trim (and touching up the walls and ceiling). I also painted the built-in shelves and cabinet doors. Finally, I spray painted the hardware because this thing is so old and custom that it was impossible to find hinges that would work with the doors.

The window is still gross and needs to be replaced, but check out that beautiful trim along the ceiling!

My accomplices this weekend.

(Captured on my security cam) Shadow just hanging out ... literally.