Monday, July 11, 2011

Our New Fence Reveal and Bathroom Updates

So here's the new fence! Isn't it gorgeous? We actually have a private, peaceful backyard now. No more cars randomly being parked in our yard. No more staring at the neighbors when we want to lounge outside.

Obviously we need to take the chain link fence out now. Sort doesn't serve a purpose anymore. Who wants to come help us dig it out? Gonna be super fun!!!

There's a gap at the bottom in the center because the ground dips, so Chris and I are going to have to fill that in.

Just put up some pretty floral/butterfly picture frames that were a gift from my mom in our bathroom. It's coming along!

I'm waiting to put out my beautiful new Pottery Barn towels until everything else is done. That way there's no chance of them getting ruined and also it gives me something to look forward to.

Still have some trim work left and small stuff like that. But it's always the little finishing touches that seem to take the longest, right?