Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Honeymoon in Mexico: Days 1 - 3

Chris and I finally got to have our honeymoon, about 3 months after the wedding. haha But it was well worth the wait. We set off on our journey early Saturday morning, January 21st. Our plane ended up taking off pretty late, causing our honeymoon to get off to a tiring start when we had to run across the Charlotte airport to catch our connection. But we made it on and the journey continued to Cancun, Mexico. From there, we got a shuttle to the resort (about 30 minutes south of the airport) and were greeted by the resort staff with two glasses of champagne and cold wash cloths (which were a little unnecessary considering the very mild temperatures in Mexico in January. The high was usually in the low 80s every day).

Here are a few of the first pictures I took at the resort. Our room was on the ground floor just steps away from the swimming pool. Don't mind the haze - my camera wasn't used to the humidity and warm air yet.

 Sorry, I forgot to rotate this one and I'm too lazy to fix it. But look at the pretty flowers in the lobby!
 ... and the pretty flora outside ...
 ... as well as some pretty hysterical fauna. At first we called these birds Mexican crows because most of them were black and about the right size, but they are obviously much lankier and a little more exotic looking. But after we heard the noise they make, we renamed them to WTF birds. The let out this three-part call that honestly sounds like a very melodic way to say "what the f***." haha So we had a little giggle whenever we heard them.
 The front of our resort, Secrets Capri Cancun Riviera Maya (which is actually closer to Playa del Carmen than Cancun).

On our second night, Chris and I enjoyed a sunset dinner cruise from the Cancun marina, which I bought Chris as Christmas present this year. We rode on a big Spanish galleon, which looked a bit like a pirate ship. They didn't actually use the sails, but it was still pretty neat. And the sunset was amazing.

 Here's a smaller boat passing by. Looked a bit like the one we were on.

 We even had a jazz musician playing music while we indulged in steak, lobster, wine and a few too many shots of tequila with the crew and our new friends from Indiana.

After the cruise, we headed out with our new friends to Senor Frogs. Here's a few of them having a good time.

That's right. Your eyes do not deceive you. Senor Frogs has a water slide.
 I'm not sure why my kiss is inducing that look from Chris.
 Oh Senor Frog. How you make fools of us all. And yes, that's a giant pitcher/glass keg of beer in the middle of the table.
 Well, it wouldn't be a honeymoon without a little risky business, so I decided to include this picture, against my better judgement.

Most of day three was spent recovering from the wrath of Senor Frog, but I do have this single picture from the day to leave you with. Mah man, friend of all animals.