Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Job: No, I Will Not Become a Professional Napper

I know it's been a little while since my last post. Things have been changing quickly in my life (hence the subject of this post) and I've just been trying to keep up with the transition. But I wanted to officially announce that I have been offered a new copywriting position at a new company in East Syracuse! I'm very excited to be working with graphic designers and to have the opportunity to put a little more creativity into my work. And my favorite part about this new endeavor? It's part time. :-)

That's right. I'll actually have time to have a life again! No more giving up weekends to run errands and clean the house. We're hoping that with all the extra free time I'll have, I'll be able to tackle all the chores and projects around the house, run errands and hopefully work on my own writing and a lot more, all while Chris is at work. So when Chris is home, we should just be able to play games and enjoy ourselves. We'll see how it works out. That's a best-case scenario, of course. Well, add in nap time and it's a best-case scenario. haha But even if I can't get everything done that I want to on my days off, it should still make a significant difference in our happiness levels and just overall well being. (Think planning dinners and cooking more, keeping the house clean, playing with kitties, etc.) Who knows,  I may even start running on the treadmill on mornings I have off.

Anything is possible.

So this Thursday is my last day at Virtucom, the company that Dr. Evil forgot. lol jk We're celebrating by heading out to Turning Stone to see Lewis Black that night (Chris actually bought the tickets as my birthday present this year) and then we'll have a nice three-day weekend to relax before starting my new job next week. Now to just get through my last four days as a full-time employee ...