Friday, May 4, 2012

How'm I Doing? Well, I'll Tell You

After my last four-day weekend, I had my first day at my new job this past Tuesday. I also worked on Wednesday and Thursday and am now staring down another four-day weekend. Life is good.

The job itself is wonderful, too. The work is much more challenging than my last job (yep, I actually have to think!) and the work is very fast-paced. We're constantly passing different files around to get through writing, editing, proofreading and all the graphic design stuff. The days go by so quickly, although that may be due in part to the fact that I come in around 9 or 10 and leave around 4. Did I mention that life is good?
So of my original list of things to do in my week off, here's what I have done:

Weekly Goals
  • Clean the main living areas (dust, mop floors/vacuum, put away junk, etc). I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned off the coffee table and put away other random piles of junk.
  • Go grocery shopping at least once to make trips easier and more manageable (and also allow me to buy fresh food more often) Might swing by the store to grab a couple items today or tomorrow
  • Make real dinners (Hamburer Helper doesn't count) at least three nights This week I made cedar-plank salmon with herb potatoes, Cajun chicken and rice, sloppy joes and shish kabobs.
  • Try one new recipe every week (blog about it) That's the Cajun chicken and rice. Still have to blog about it, though.
  • Make significant progress on at least one item on my project list (and blog about it) This would be the wall o' frames. Check out my previous post for details.
  • Work on my own writing at least three times Only did this twice so far
  • Complete at least one Dguides task (editing, writing, etc.) Fail.
  • Keep up on laundry, dishes and kitty litter boxes as needed Doing awesome on this. Dishwasher is running right now and there's a pile of folded laundry next to me as I type this.
  • Run on the treadmill at least once Fail again.
So I'd say my progress is fair for week one. And since I have today off, it's totally possible that I'll get some more of these tasks done. All depends on what Chris is up to this afternoon when he comes home. But I gotta say, Supreme Commander is calling my name right now, so I may postpone a few chores to play a little before I get into any more work. We all deserve a little break now and again, right? Even those of us with ridiculously awesome schedules ...

Anyway, just wanted to put up these pictures of my little garden, now decorated with my birthday present. So cute!

So in case you're curious, that plant with the tiny pink flowers starting to bloom in the left corner of this picture is Rose of Sharon. The silvery plants are Lamb's Ear. And those funky grass shoots near the right side are Chives. I'm not sure about the grass stuff behind the birds. Might be weeds ... Oh and there's also some Hens and Chicks to the right of the Lamb's Ear.

This area looks much prettier in summer when all the plants sprout up. Right now everything is just confused and lethargic from the constant change in weather around here. The plants aren't sure if it's winter or summer anymore. haha