Monday, May 28, 2012

Let There Be Light ... Two of Them, In Fact

After I finished celebrating the long-overdue closet overhaul, I realized I had another task on my to-do list that was sitting around collecting dust. I'll give you a hint:

Yeah ... it shames me to say that that's one of the two upstairs light fixtures that I've been looking at every day for almost three years. There used to be ugly frosted glass globes on them, but the glass wouldn't fit back on once we put in the energy-efficient lights. So we just let them go naked in all their swirly glory.

We've tried several times to find replacements for them, but the problem is that the attic door swings very close to the one near the half bathroom. So the fixture has to be wall mounted and super flush to the wall to avoid getting hit by the door. Chris and I love the look of outdoor light fixtures, and tried a couple times to make the ones at Lowes and Home Depot work, but alas, they were always too big.

We eventually gave up. Swirly bulbs and brass fixtures ... for three years.

So when I found two white, wall-mounted lights with an industrial, outdoorsy look that were less than 5" deep and on sale at Joss and Main for $20 a piece, well, let's just say I did a little happy dance.

I attempted to install them myself while Chris was out one day, but I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing and needed some adult supervision. haha So Chris was nice enough to come up and teach me a little bit about electricity and wiring so that we could have these pretty lights adding a bit of industrial glam to our upstairs:

I assure you, the pictures don't do them justice. They look awesome! (That yellow bathroom ... not so much.)

See that pesky door that threatens to take out any deep light fixture?
 You can get a better idea of how nice they look when the light it on. I love the cross bars and the pretty glass dome.

It looks yellow in this picture, (they are both all white) but you can see the neat design in the glass dome.

It's a small change but it definitely makes a big difference. And it puts me one step closer to eliminating all the ugly brass hardware from my home. haha