Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raising the Bar

After we got the new window installed, Chris and I decided it was time to move the shower bar so that it wasn't directly on the window trim any more. It looked bad and the shower curtain wasn't long enough, so we had to improvise. While I thought my rope loops were a cute idea, it just didn't scream "polished". 
Luckily, we had purchased a pressure shower bar, so we didn't have any screws or anything in the wood and it was a cinch to raise once we got new shower curtains. We had to order 96" curtains, which were just a smidge too long. But once I cut and hemmed them on my sewing machine, they definitely got the job done!
Look how pretty!

Here you can see the new placement of the shower bar, just below the ceiling.
 So now I'm trying to fill it in a little. We'll see how Mr. Plant does preched up there. It likes low-light, so hopefully it will get enough sun. Otherwise I'll have to move him elsewhere.

I hemmed the curtain behing the bottom flap, so you can't even see my stitches. which are always a little less than straight.

So yet another room that I once thought was done that is now close to being done again. I get the feeling that this is just how life is as a homeowner. Am I right?