Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three Little Numbers

Yesterday evening, I went outside to take an updated picture of the Capers. But what's that on the door?

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Our front door has a pretty new accessory: house numbers! I still need to take down the tiny black numbers on the house. Probably don't need them in three places, huh?

Anyway, here's out they came to be:

1. First, I found a font that I liked. I believe it's American Extra Bold. I printed the numbers out on regular old printer paper. I used InDesign's ruler to make sure the numbers were just over 4 inches tall, which I had determined would fit nicely in the 6 inch panel on the door.

2. Next I cut the numbers out, but I left them connected at the bottom so I could maintain the spacing and keep them all level.

3. I used scotch tape to stick them to the door, centering the "1" in the middle.

4. I used a pencil to trace around the numbers, then took my paper numbers down.

5. I used a small paint brush to fill in the numbers with white paint. This step took three coats and a very steady hand. I actually have a bit of experience wielding a paintbrush, so it was pretty easy for me to do it this way. But if you haven't done much detailed painting (walls don't count) I probably wouldn't recommend this method. You might be better off cutting the numbers out in reverse so you could leave the template stuck to the door and paint in the openings to get nice straight lines.

Once I got my paper numbers up, I actually debated painting the numbers black because it looked so nice with the black door knob and black door knocker.

But I knew white would show up better, and it would also tie in nicely with the white trim. Chris agreed, so I went with white. And I'm glad I did. Love it! I think black would look great on most houses, but white felt more Cape Cod to me. Not sure if that makes sense or has any logic, but there ya go.

Man I need to get those steps fixed up. So sad.

Oh, and I also had a little visitor while I was out painting the numbers. He came right over to say hello.

Lucky for Mr. Bunny that this sinister creature was securely locked up inside the house, where he couldn't get his attack on.

In fact, I've caught Shadow leering at the bunny on many occasions. Can you see the bunny out the window in the picture below? I love Shadow's ears in this picture. It's like he's trying to keep them level with the window sill so the bunny won't spot them.

So now that's two projects complete from my end of summer task list.

Other Outside Projects

  • Paint the eaves around the garage
  • Finish up the back porch trim
  • Add house numbers to the front door

Still got a bunch more tasks in the other categories, but this one is looking good. haha (See the complete task list here.)