Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Zombie Bar Crawl

Once again, Chris and I had a blast at the annual zombie bar crawl. Who doesn't love tearing up Salvation Army clothes and covering them in fake blood? haha
This year, I decided to get a little trendy with my costume. Have you seen this music video?
Chris went as a zombie on vacation. And our friends Kristen and Matt rocked out the old couple zombie costumes. Love Kristen's rollers!
This is the first year Chris and I didn't wear matching costumes, but we had fun nonetheless. And I think we still looked pretty cute together.
Well, Chris looked terrifying at times ... lol
Although I had my moments ...
Matt's brother Kevin and his wife Sara dressed up as zombie Mary Poppins and Burt. How fantastic is that? The whole gang looked amazing and it was such a fun night. Now to start brainstorming next year's costumes ... haha