Monday, November 4, 2013

The Puppet Master and His Marionette

This year, Chris had several opportunities to dress up for Halloween. You already saw the zombie costumes for the zombie bar crawl. We also dressed as zombie bride and groom one night with our running group. But the big costume, the one that took a lot of shopping, sewing and makeup to perfect, was the Puppet Master and his Marionette.
Chris and I had a blast with this. Doesn't his moustache look particularly fetching? We also attached strings to my arms and legs so he could control my movements and make me dance. hahaha We took a video of this, but due to its overwhelming dorkiness, I've decided not to post it. Just use your imagination and picture Chris wiggling the wooden sticks and me flailing my arms and legs. lol
We were invited to a costume party last Friday and had a blast. Here's two party goers, dressed as Skeletor (without his face paint) and a distinguished doctor, I guess.
Here I am in a heated fight with Hunter S. Thomspon. Go figure.
Rockband was a big hit at the party. Even Ash and Pikachu got in on it.
And of course, the Puppet Master couldn't be left out.
The week before Halloween, Chris and I were in a 5K fun run at the state fairgrounds, called "Escape from Fright Nights." They had a costume contest and we even won an award for best team costumes!

This event was a bit colder and we were kind of frozen the whole time. lol But that didn't stop us from getting out there and having a great time.
After the run, we also got to go into all five haunted houses and go on the haunted hayride. Super fun. Although I did put my coat on about two seconds after we finished the race. lol Brrrr!
Not sure how we're going to top these costumes next year, but I guess we have about 360 days to figure it out.