Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finally Cleaning Up That Paint I Spilled

One of the funny things about DIY is that sometimes your project isn't about tackling something NEW. Sometimes, it's about fixing your last mistake, again.

Remember when I painted the back porch and added trim and got it looking so pretty ... only to spill a huge amount of grey paint on the wood floor?
Well, that's how it looked for months and months and months. I just had no idea how to fix it or what to do about it.

But then, this weekend, I was finishing up two end tables that I had sanded down and painted for my boss. The little scrap of sand paper was still on the counter, and as I was walking outside, I noticed and suddenly a light bulb turned on in my head.

The back porch is unfinished wood. I think it was pressure treated, but it doesn't have a stain or finish on it at all. Why not sand it down? So I tried a little experiment with that little square of sandpaper...
And it worked! The paint came off!
That's when I decided to bust out the big guns. Well, actually just my palm sander, but definitely more heavy duty than a sheet of sandpaper.

And I gotta say, I am so thrilled. Just look at that beautiful floor!
I even removed the paint drops that were there when we moved in and the ones I made since we've been here. This floor is better than ever now!
Isn't she a beautiful little porch now?