Sunday, July 13, 2014

Parade of Homes 2014

Over a month ago, Chris and I went to the 2014 Syracuse Parade of Homes. And I'm finally getting around to blogging about it. Oops. Summer can be so busy!

Anyway, I'm organizing the pictures by categories because, well, I wanted to. Lots of great ideas in these houses. Chris and I were pleasantly surprised that most of these houses were cheaper than last year's houses. Most were between $350K and $500K, which is a lot less than last year's $550K to $900K homes. None of them are even remotely affordable for us, but it did seem like the decorating in these homes was a little more down to earth and affordable than last years.

The neighborhood was very cute. These houses were on a little circle road that would be a nice and quiet place to live. Some of them even had a little river flowing behind them that would be so nice to sit in the backyard and enjoy.
This one was our favorite house all around.

Cute Accessories
One of my favorite things about Parade of Homes is when the decorators have some fun and use really special, funny, interesting, or just plain beautiful accessories in the rooms. Here were a few of my favorites.

It's my doggie statue! He was in last year's Parade of Homes as well. Chris tracked him down and bought one for me for Christmas. Love that little guy!
The mirror slides open to reveal a jewelry cabinet.
I'm in love with the raw edge of this wooden counter.
A giant birdcage and a live bird? That's gotta be the most exciting accessory ever.
Only costs $12,000.
Actually had some little cotton poms on it to make it 3D.

Who doesn't love peeking into a nicely decorated bedroom? Especially the adorable children's rooms. So cute.
Chris's favorite room in all the houses.

So many beautiful kitchens!
Love the windows over the sink.
Hidden pantry room that looks like a regular kitchen cabinet when closed.
Check out the lighting in this kitchen and dining room. Love the clear glass pendants.

The next three pictures are from my favorite kitchen. Love the light grey lower cabinets and the white upper cabinets.

Sun Rooms
A sun room is the newest item on my future house wishlist.

Living Rooms

Feather prints on the walls.

Other Rooms
You know, when you just have so many spare rooms in your house and you think, "Why not use a whole room just for watching movies?"

Dog washing station! I want one!
This was the game room with chalkboard paint on the walls and a movie theater room through that doorway.
Hope you all get lots of inspiration and ideas from these pictures! I know I sure did when I toured the houses. Totally recommend this event to anyone looking to build or just update their home.