Saturday, August 23, 2014

Camping at Lake George

This past week, we rented a private island on Lake George.

It's actually not as ridiculous as it sounds. We rented a campsite for a few nights and the campsite happened to be the only one on the island. Hence, we rented an island.

Can you guess how Chris felt about this?
Obviously, the biggest challenge to island camping is getting out there ... with all your stuff. Luckily, we went camping with Chris's dad and Lisa, who have a boat. Then it was just a matter of packing our gear away in every square inch of that boat and hoping it wouldn't sink on the way out.

I'm happy to report we made it out there without taking on water or losing any luggage overboard. And the reward for our voyage was pretty awesome. Our private island is pictured below.

 It was actually pretty close to shore on the east side of the island. Basically just a channel of water that separated it from the mainland.
 We were happy to discover it had two picnic tables and a platform for one of the tents, as well as an outhouse that by outhouse standards was pretty nice.
 And honestly, the views just couldn't be beat.
 Waking up to the sound of the waves all around you in the morning was also pretty amazing.

 We were even welcomed to the island by a group of ducks. Lisa was not interested in them, I guess.
 But I sure thought they were cute.
 No surprise that Chris had to swim around the entire island.
 He even swam over to the nearby rock island where the seagulls liked to sun themselves.
 And again, no surprise, Chris needed to float in the water as much as possible.
 But he did hop out to drive around his new RC boat that was actually pretty impressive. It was $50 from Harbor Freight and it had amazing range and was fast for a little boat.
 We headed over to the ranger's island to check out the store and pick up a few extra items.
 And at night, we enjoyed a campfire and the stars.
 The next day, we thought we saw the Loch Ness monster. Turned out it was just a loon...
 We came across this huge rock while boating around.
 And we were pretty shocked to see climbers on it. See those tiny little people?
 Way too scary for us. We prefer to stay in the water.
 On Tuesday we went horseback riding at Bennett Stables. This was so much fun.
 We rode the horses up a mountain. At the top, we got to enjoy an incredible view and a delicious steak dinner. The food was just as good as the view, in fact.
 No boating trip would be complete without a little tubing. Chris stepped up and got the ride of his life.
 We also cruised by the Sagamore, a beautiful resort hotel on the lake.
 During dinner in the village, we also saw the ferry boat and heard it playing its little song.
 We definitely missed pooch on this trip (dogs weren't allowed on the island) but we had such a great time we would go back again. We ended up coming home early due to the imminent threat of rain, but otherwise we had great weather and such a wonderful experience.