Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Best Friend Came to Visit

I am so so so so lucky to have a best friend who is willing to drive 9 hours (twice!) just to visit me for a few days. Katie drove out here all by herself and stayed with Chris and I for 5 nights.

And we had a blast.

That girl is so much fun. On Saturday we went to the farmer's market and headed down to the Finger Lakes for some wine tasting. We had a great time at Three Brothers Winery.
Katie even braved riding in the Camaro with the top down so we could enjoy a nice sunny drive.
Somehow she fared better than I did on that ride...
Luckily I brought a brush.
We also took Katie to Armory Square and had lunch at Empire Brewing Company.
Of course we took Katie to Christmas Tree Shoppe. And she fell in love with some handmade Polish pottery she found.
We also went river tubing on Sunday. Four hours just floating down the river. Not bad!

And then Katie even volunteered to do a little DIY project with me that we've been talking about for a while. I'll share the full details in another post, though. Here's a sneak peek.
And then we took Katie hashing on Monday, which I think she was nervous about, but ended up loving. It was the second anniversary of the running group, so the whole thing was themed like a 2-year-old's birthday party.
There was a little running and hiking.
(In the picture below, Katie is still thinking about that scary movie we made her watch on Friday.)
There was also a lot of splashing.
And then the party games began...
And we made a human pyramid. Because why not?
And of course there was cake. On a shovel...
And also on a tray.
And then we went to the bar with our fellow hashers. I probably don't need to explain what happened then...
On Tuesday we met up with my friend Rhonda for some deliciousness at the Cheesecake Factory.
Did I mention it was delicious?
I realize the animals weren't in many of these pictures, but believe me, they were around. Ripley and Katie were totally cuddle buddies. He can't wait for her to come back.
And Oreo loved that she was willing to share her laptop with him. He's addicted to Jimmy Fallon clips.
And there's Shadow, who made it his goal to pee on everything she owned... Well, that part we all could have done without.

Thank you Katie for coming out here to visit! We all had such a wonderful time and loved getting to see you! I've been telling everyone you're coming back in the fall, so you better not make a liar out of me! October, lady! October! Love you Katie dear!