Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rearranging furniture

Quick post before we go pack our clothes for the camping trip this weekend. We're headed to Moffet's tomorrow through Monday. Should be lots of fun going out on the boat and sitting by the campfire with Chris's family. :-)

Just wanted to give an update of my progress on unpacking/getting settled. The gorgeous sconces my mom gave us last Christmas have found a home in the living room. I like how they go along with the sort of Tuscan feel in there.

Not sure, Mom will like this or not, but I finally found a purpose for the white cabinet she brought us: shoe rack. lol It holds our day-to-day shoe nicely and keeps the kitchen clutter-free. I also added an ottoman out here so we have a place where we can take our shoes on and off.
The guest room is being rearranged, but it's all just temporary and experimental until I get in there and rip down wallpaper and paint. I turned my futon's chair cushion into a little headboard just for a little whimsy.
The rest of the chair and the tv are hanging out at the back of the guest bedroom now. It's hard to imagine this room looking nice and being a comfortable retreat for our guests with all the wallpaper and the curtains shutting out all the light though ... Oh well, I'll get to everything eventually. :-)Time to pack for camping!