Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wall of Art and Adventures

I finally finished removing the wallpaper and then painting the staircase wall. I still have a little trim to do in glossy white, but that's just a little tiny project. And, more importantly, I finally put up my wall of art and adventures. Lots of pictures from Chris and my trips around the world, and some of mine and my grandpa's artwork. I don't think it's done yet. There's still a lot of space at the landing, and in various spots throughout.
I put up some frames that I think might be too small for the wall, but I ran out of larger pictures. What I think would look really good on this wall is one or two of my mom's awesome fern and leaf pictures. (Was that too subtle? Hint hint, Mom.) For the most part the pictures are interchangable, though. So if Chris and I receive any nice pictures as a gift *cough, fern picture* we could swap it in to a really good spot on the wall. :-) Anywho, that's the wall. Another task complete ... almost. lol