Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Happy 26th Birthday

That's right. Today I celebrate the big 2-6. Ok, so really, it's not a very big event. Anything after 22 doesn't seem all that eventful anymore. And now I'm in my late 20s, which is not super thrilling either. Luckily though, I've got some wonderful people in my life that are managing to make this a special day for me nonetheless.

My wonderful brother and sister-in-law sent me a package from one of my favorite stores, One of my favorite presents is this set of handmade iron vases. Pretty awesome. They look goregous on my desk, but I might try them out in a few places to see where they look best.

And the tulips are a little gift I gave to myself. haha Gotta love $6 flowers at Wegmans. I have the rest of the tulips making my wall look lovely with my man and woman vases, which coincidentally, are also from CB2.

My mom sent me a set of goregous little dessert plates with a sweet African animal theme. I'm thinking about hanging them in my half bath once I get it painted. Because who wouldn't want plates in their bathroom? It's a design statement, I tell you. But I forgot to photograph those. And also, I meant to take a picture of the cutest card in the world, made by my darling neice, Hadley (with some help from her mama, I'm sure). So I'll try to snap a few more pictures at some point today or tomorrow.