Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jamming with the Monsters

Last weekend, Chris and I joined 34,000 other people at Monster Jam at the Syracuse Carrier Dome. It was actually pretty cool. We got to see lots of big trucks crash and fly through the air.

Below, you can see some of the track for the races. A race basically just consisted of 2 trucks driving around the track twice, starting at opposite sides.

So in each race, each truck would go over each ramp twice and go flying through the air.

They had a ton of trucks lined up and ready to go. This was about half of them.

After the mosnter truck races, they had some ATV races with a really corny staged fight between the opposing teams.

Then the motocross bikes came out and did some stunts off a really steep ramp. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see a guy flying through the air, about 25' above the blue and orange cushion. And yeah, he's stretched out like Superman with the bike below him and his feet way up in the air.

Next came the freestyle Monster truck competition. This was definitely the best part ... mainly because the trucks crashed and rolled over and they destroyed the other cars.

About halfway through, they even towed in and old trailed and the trucks absolutely obliterated it. You can see the remains of it in the picture below, as well as the remains of Grave Digger. During it's freestyle run, the body started peeling back and flapping in the wind, but the driver kust kept going. The whole thing tore apart, but he didn't stop until the truck was totally dead. Pretty awesome.